Adhering to the highest possible standard in our hiring is our license to do business and to gain the trust of our stakeholders.


Dave T. Baspaly

Dr. Dave Baspaly is an experienced corporate leader and a Certified Management Consultant with a remarkable ability to help people increase performance and achieve strategic goals.

Dave is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and has a Doctorate in Business Administration from the International School of Management (ISM). In addition to his Doctorate, he has obtained a Master’s Degree (MA) from Royal Roads University specializing in negotiation and dispute resolution, and an Undergraduate Degree (BA) in history and political science from Simon Fraser University.

Possessing a diverse European and Aboriginal ancestry (Mi’kmaq, Sioux and Cherokee), Dave is a proud member of the Métis Nation of Canada. He is sensitive to the value of all cultures and ethnicities. Dave has a passion for success and innovation; his unbridled optimism has often been credited for his extensive achievements. In fact, his “nothing less than success” attitude provides the drive and determination that helps clients meet any challenge.

Long before founding his successful management consulting practice, Infocus Management Consulting Ltd., Dave has been helping organizations address complex challenges by applying forward-thinking concepts and practices.

Cheryl Hogg

Cheryl Hogg is a seasoned financial expert, combining a high level of technical proficiency with excellent interpersonal skills, a talent for management, and uncompromising integrity. With a Bachelors of Commerce from University of Toronto and a CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, she launched her career with a focus on the insurance, manufacturing, high-tech, non-for-profit and mining industries. Later, she directed her attention to the insurance, health care and social service sectors, gaining experience in both systems design and managing complex business models. For seven years, Cheryl served with distinction as the Chief Operating Officer for one of Western Canada’s largest social housing agencies.

Possessing a diverse European ancestry, Cheryl is sensitive to the value of all cultures and ethnicities.

Cheryl is a motivated and energetic self-starter with extensive experience in accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, reporting, systems design and internal audit services. Her acute managerial, analytical, and administrative skills have helped make her a sought after operational expert. She is highly praised as a professional organizational evaluator, conducting thorough analysis, identifying issues, formulating and implementing recommendations and ensuring that clients receive the necessary assistance to implement the recommendations. She is adept at translating strategic advice into operational practice with a focus on improving performance and has worked with Boards to develop and implement appropriate governance models.


Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan is an experienced leader and pipeline specialist. He is also Canada’s foremost leading expert on damage prevention, particularly as it pertains to the oil and gas and the utility sector. Mike specializes in operations, marketing and HR management.

Mike’s expertise stems from a 25-year career with the National Energy Board, Alliance Pipeline Ltd., HMA Land Services Ltd, Alberta One-Call and the Canadian Common Ground Alliance.

Mike routinely provides guidance to Boards and CEOs across North America. He has also published numerous industry articles and is widely sought after for his strategic advice and expertise. His reputation is based on his ability to accomplish the impossible. He has built national organizations from ideas, improved the performance of critical instructions, and worked with the Canadian government to develop Federal legislation. He has received numerous awards for his work.

Mike and his wife Julie of 27 years live in Calgary and have three children and one daughter in-law. In his spare time, Mike likes tinkering with his early 70s muscle car, enjoying the occasional round of golf and playing bass with various musical acts in the Calgary area.


The Infocus team represents over 25 exceptional professionals. Each and every one of our employees and contractors represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed and extraordinary.We go to great lengths to identify forward thinkers with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

Infocus has and maintains Aboriginal representation. Our employment and training goals seek to improve and enhance our workforce by priority hiring those Aboriginal people who are interested in working and learning alongside our skilled and diverse team.


Dr. Patrick Stewart

Dr. Patrick Stewart is a member of the Killerwhale House of Daaxan of the Nisga’a Nation. His Nisga’a name, Luugigyoo, means “calm waters”.  He is an architect with over 33 years of architectural experience having obtained his first professional degree in 1983. Patrick was the first architect of First Nations ancestry in B.C. to own and operate an architectural firm in B.C. (1995) and the first person of First Nations ancestry to be elected President of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (2005-2007). He is a LEED Certified Professional. Patrick is Associate Professor of Architecture at Laurentian University. His PhD is from the University of British Columbia.

Dave Pranteau (In Memoriam)

Infocus Management Consulting, its principles, employees and clients, will always remember our colleague Dave Pranteau. We had the honour and pleasure of working with Dave and learning from his vast experience and expertise.

In Dave’s memory, we commit to continue the vision he helped create – an accessible management consulting firm, with respect for cultural differences, that truly makes a difference in the lives of the people it serves.

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