Management Services

We are an innovative management consulting company specializing in strategic performance development. Our success is defined by the caliber of our knowledge, our innovation, our people and our record of accomplishments. We help organizations – grow, learn and lead …

What We Do

We focus on the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organization. We assist by identifying issues and areas for improvement and then developing options with recommendations, providing additional resources in the implementation of solutions.

We specialize in the following core service areas of your business or organization:

  • strategy
  • operations
  • financial
  • policies and procedures, and
  • management controls.

We operate across a wide variety of additional service areas:

  • human resources
  • information technology, and
  • marketing.

Typical Workflow

The day-to-day activities of Infocus consultants vary in complexity and scope. We are essentially project-based and entrepreneurial in nature. Projects can vary in length depending on the type of assignment, the complexity of the issues or systems involved and the requirements of the client. We are flexible in our structure and are able to field a single individual or a cross-disciplinary team. We can be based on- or off-site and are able to work internationally.

Typical assignments involve:

  • acting in the capacity of a CEO, COO, CFO or other leadership/management entity;
  • working with Boards to develop appropriate governance structures/models;
  • identifying issues and forming hypotheses;
  • formulating and implementing recommendations/solutions;
  • ensuring the client receives the assistance needed to implement the recommendations/solutions;
  • carrying out research and data collection;
  • conducting analysis, studies or research projects;
  • developing policies, procedures and management controls;
  • interviewing client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders;
  • running focus groups, facilitating workshops and strategic planning sessions;
  • preparing business proposals/presentations;
  • managing projects, programs and initiatives;
  • leading and managing those within the team; and
  • providing strategic advice and translating ideas into operational practice.

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