Success takes both sound planning and good management practices. It also requires strong leadership that will instill confidence within the organization and with external audiences. Effective leaders have the skill to direct and focus resources in line with the strategic vision and capture the enthusiasm and dedication of supporters. Being an effective leaders takes more than talent. It takes skill.

Management and Business Coaching

Successful work environments are grounded in strong management and business support systems. Equip your organization with the necessary tools and support to improve performance. Infocus Management Consulting applies management and business coaching theory, best practices and leading management concepts to help harness your organization’s potential. Our management and business coaching service provide know-how and support, so individuals and teams can enhance their abilities and gain the confidence to improve overall performance. Successful coaching from Infocus can enhance management effectiveness, increase productivity, improve morale and decrease stress in the workplace.

  • knowledge management
  • strategy planning
  • executive coaching
  • organizational development
  • performance improvement
  • change management

Issues Management

No individual or organization can fully realize success in isolation. You must be able to effectively manage external and internal issues that can affect your business. Our issues management and governmental relations services identify and define issues that can affect your future growth and development. Our team of professionals will also monitor and modify the systems and procedures to ensure outcomes that are to your best advantage.

  • inter-governmental relations
  • public relations & communications
  • application management

Interim Management Services

Significant change, whether planned or unplanned, significant growth, aggressive competitor behaviour, financial shortfalls or a variety of other events can generate challenges for an organization. Usually it is perceived that a major intervention is required to preserve and grow the organization and its assets.  Infocus offers management services on an interim basis to address these challenges.

Interim Management engagements are of relatively short duration, intense and demanding of a range of management services, integrated and applied to the problem at hand. These engagements may require Infocus to assume all or a portion of day-to-day operating control. This may include signing authorities for banking, purchasing and other corporate functions, and direct reporting to the responsible authority, whether the Board of Directors or some other body.

Infocus has been providing service in a wide range of sectors of the economy.  We are thoroughly familiar with all forms of organization including limited partnerships, limited liability private corporations, co-operatives, partnerships, sole proprietorships and not-for-profit organizations.

Client communications are immediate, focused and responsive. Management reports are provided at regular intervals since the scope of an engagement can change abruptly. Infocus ensures that client decision makers are kept as fully informed as possible at all times. All Interim Management engagements are undertaken on a confidential and privileged basis.

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