Land Services

Infocus is a Vancouver based company that has been in business for over ten years. Our people are our greatest asset. We have a large pool of specialists that can deliver a wide range of land management services. We have a reputation for service excellence and have the ability to meet the needs of projects large and small throughout the provinces of BC and Alberta.

Infocus has and maintains Aboriginal representation.  Our employment and training goals seek to improve and enhance our workforce by priority hiring those Aboriginal people who are interested in working and learning alongside our skilled and diverse team.

Protecting buried infrastructure, particularly utilities, is critical to companies and to the public at large because of the damage and loss of service that could be caused by an accidental hit. We believe that proactive safety is fundamental to business success in the 21st century; together we endeavor to create a safer and more secure environment for our clients and those that live and work in proximity to utilities and pipelines.

Available Land Services

Infocus is pleased to offer the following suite of core services:

Locating Service

Underground utilities such as pipe and cable can be hard to find. Inadequate or unavailable mapping and ground conditions can make verifying a location onerous. Although it is the diggers’ responsibility to make sure the utility is not damaged, it is the utility owner’s responsibility to ensure that utilities are adequately marked and that landowners on the right of way are aware of the danger. The Infocus team has over 10 years of locating experience and can help you get the job done successfully. Specifically, we provide the following core competencies:

  • strong locating skills
  • strong GPS survey skills
  • in-depth knowledge of the pipeline and utility right of ways, and
  • a unique ability to communicate effectively with landowners and other stakeholders.

Public Awareness

Infocus has extensive experience effectively communicating on behalf of utility owners with landowners/ stakeholders in proximity to pipelines and utilities. Building a positive rapport in a non-intrusive or threatening manner is paramount. We have experience building relationships, distributing materials outlining landowner responsibilities, emergency procedures, and general information related to Call Before You Dig and other specifics about the utility. In many cases, we have also been asked to collect field data for pipeline and utility purposes.

Right of Way Management

The ground in proximity to utilities must be kept clear at all times in order to ensure safe, secure and reliable service. Infocus has extensive experience managing utility right of ways.

Right Of Way Patrol

The most effective way to monitor pipelines and utilities for damage and encroachments is on the ground.  Routine right of way patrols provide a cost effective means of visually inspecting pipelines and other utilities and for identifying encroachment of man made or naturally occurring elements that pose hazards to the reliability of the system. Infocus can provide scheduled and on-demand pipeline and power line patrols for our clients.  Ground patrol is an efficient way to cover broad areas of remote pipeline and power line locations and right of ways.  Patrols include but are not limited to:

  • Right of Way Encroachments
  • Exposed Pipes
  • Land Erosion and Sunken Backfill
  • Construction or Excavation in or close to ROW
  • Broken Lines or Pipeline Leaks
  • Infrared Inspections and Investigations
  • Natural Gas Pipeline – Leak Detection
  • Emergency On Call – Available to back up your current provider

Depth of Coverage

The depth of underground facilities and the coverage above is variable under the best of circumstances. The current depth of a utility might not be the same as when it was originally installed, due to soil erosion, grading and many other factors. Infocus provides services designed to measure and verify the depth of coverage and precisely map related reference points.

Watchdog Service – 7.5 meters to 1.5 meters from edge of pipe

Infocus provides watchdog inspection service for the 7.5 meter to 1.5 meter zone on a right of way. Activities may include, but are not limited to, the examination of plans, drawings and site layouts, compliance to drawings, specifications and codes and regulations, inspection of the construction of utilities and pipelines and general inspection to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained within this safety zone.

Pipeline Inspection – 1.5 meters from edge of pipe

Infocus provides pipeline inspection service for the 1.5 meter zone. Activities may include, but are not limited to, the examination of plans, drawings and site layouts, compliance to drawings, specifications and codes and regulations, inspection of the construction of utilities and pipelines and general inspection to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained within this critical safety zone. Infocus ensures pipeline integrity and can perform minor patching to pipeline coating when necessary.

Emergency Response Liaison

Emergency Response Liaison (ERL) is an integral function within most oil, gas and utility companies. It is designed to coordinate both “preventative and reactive measures” associated with emergency preparedness and response. It is also designed to support the work of operations by providing information on the incident readiness, capacity and capabilities of emergency agencies in communities along the impacted right-of-way.  Infocus has experience designing and delivering this service.

Certified Utility Arborist Service

Vegetation growth such as trees and overgrown shrubbery can pose a threat to equipment as well as public safety. Infocus uses a variety of environmentally responsible and cost-effective methods to monitor and manage vegetation growth on utility rights of way.

Industrial Electrical Services – Installation, Inspection and Maintenance

Infocus covers the full spectrum of industrial electrical needs for utilities and the oil and gas industry. Our team specializes in code/ regulation upgrades, electrical safety inspections, installations, new construction and preventable maintenance.

Metal Fabrication

Infocus has a team that specializes in metal fabrication.  Our team offers significant capability and capacity relating to the design, manufacture, repair, and installation of a broad range of products fabricated from metal.

Aboriginal Relations

Our staff have extensive experience working in the First Nation communities across BC, Alberta and Manitoba.  We are committed to building sustainable relationships with residents and representatives of these communities based on a combination of trust and respect. We have specific experience:

  • Understanding local issues and concerns in each geographic area we are present
  • Negotiation
  • Procurement and workforce inclusion
  • Strategies to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Internal Aboriginal awareness training for employees
  • Capacity training for aboriginal contractors and employees
  • Aboriginal Relations Policy development

Infocus has a long-standing commitment to Aboriginal peoples and their goals. As a company, we regularly provide pro-bono and reduced rate services to First Nations and the organizations that serve them.

Our Team

For more than 10 years, Infocus staff has been providing excellence in service. Our expert staff have an average of 10 years industry experience, combined with in-depth knowledge and education. You can be assured that you have the best people for the job when you have hired Infocus.

Custom Service

Given our versatility, we have the ability to offer custom service packages. To keep costs as low as possible we encourage our clients to identify their land service needs and bundle these services. Infocus guarantees to work to ensure the highest quality service standard for the lowest cost possible.

Pricing and Customer Service

Infocus is based in BC, as such; we are able to significantly reduce costs related to travel and expenses. For specific pricing, please provide us with the location, mileage, frequency and type of service(s) required. For more detailed information please contact our office and a senior consultant will be happy answer questions and help you develop a custom service package designed specifically to meet your needs.