Every successful business begins with an idea. But in our increasingly competitive world, we are expected to do more, achieve more and accomplish everything faster than ever before. Success today requires an ability to strategically manage growth and endure change. Infocus brings clarity, focus and foresight to your strategic vision, enhancing your ability to achieve success. With your strategic vision in mind, we provide a roadmap for growth that suits your unique needs and your particular journey. We’ll be there with you every step of the way because we know you plan to be in business for the long run.

Strategic Organizational Development

We look at the big picture and examine the small details. The Infocus team is skilled in objectively examining diverse management and operating systems. We use specialized tools and progress measurements to review your systems, resources, procedures and policies to identify core strengths and opportunities. With your corporate vision in mind, Infocus will develop a strategic development plan that includes everything from goal setting and performance evaluations to financial management. This plan will ensure your organization reaches its highest performance level. Our strategic organizational development service offers tools and services such as:

  • performance analysis
  • leadership assessment
  • systems review
  • market development
  • operational audit
  • public relations & internal communications
  • measurement and assessments

Change Management

It’s the difference between being proactive instead of reactive. It’s deciding to make a choice rather than wait for an end result. In today’s world, being prepared for change means an individual, company or organization can succeed on its own terms. Tailored to your unique needs, we will assess your organization’s core competencies and design and implement a flexible, ability-driven change management strategy. The Infocus change management service portfolio includes:

  • human resources consulting
  • skill building
  • best practices
  • knowledge assessment
  • team building
  • public relations & internal communications
  • leadership assessment

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Growing pains are inevitable in times of change. Every conflict presents its own unique set of circumstances. Infocus provides clarity so your organization can quickly and effectively resolve conflict issues. Our team provides specialized dispute resolution strategies, management systems and training to help ensure your organization reaches a desired settlement based on objectivity, trust and fairness. We do this by using one or a combination of approaches, such as:

  • dispute resolution
  • mediation/arbitration
  • issue management
  • dispute systems design
  • professional negotiation
  • crisis communications

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